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We are committed to improving employee performance at all levels and in all functions of the residential mortgage industry. Our team members’ careers are devoted to increasing engagement and raising productivity through better employee performance.

Who We Are

Bob Mansur, Certified Mortgage Banker, is the Managing Partner of Credit Employee Performance Solutions. He has dedicated more than 20 years working in mortgage leadership roles in the areas of originations, loan servicing, and employee development. During that time, Bob has examined employees’ behaviors to propose change and install solutions that improve performance for the organizations in which they work.
CEPS has a team of accomplished consultants in the world of employee and team performance.  Our staff consists of authorities in all the factors that affect people’s work:
  • organization and job structures
  • compensation and benefits
  • tools and resources
  • training and development
  • capacity and motives
  • job and cultural fit
  • and more
We have the talent to find a solution for the performance challenges you and your organization face.

Our Vision and Mission

We aspire to a world where credit providers, administrators, and users work as partners to achieve their business and personal goals.
Credit Employee Performance Solutions helps your people succeed in a credit-dependent world as providers, users, and administrators. We do this by improving human performance for credit industry participants so their customers, clients, and they, themselves, can affordably achieve the amenities of life. By assessing and addressing the differences between employees’ actions and leadership’s expectations, we find a solution that provides value for our clients.
Ours will be custom solutions reflecting your people, your processes, your culture, and your environment. 

NO prepackaged training programs. NO preconceived notions. Tailored for you and your team.

Our Values

Team members of Credit Employee Performance Solutions must share our values:

We hold our character in such high regard that we always “act like our kids are watching.”

We commit to our clients’ success so strongly that we provide our services “only if there’s real value.”

We believe so staunchly in every individual’s potential and ambition for growth that we “find joy in people.”

We are so passionate about performance improvement and enjoy this field so greatly that we “would do it for free.”

We have such confidence in our talents and processes that our outcomes are “anchored in evidence of improvement.”

Our Value Proposition

We analyze, recommend, and implement six critical elements of employee performance to overcome current and future challenges, so you can sleep peacefully. Your leaders will be able to apply those six factors to improve team members’ productivity and retention for the long haul.
Credit Employee Performance Solutions uses established, dynamic models to dig deeply into employees’ behaviors and outcomes. Our methods are applicable with office-based staff and for the virtual workforce. We take a systemic approach to influence performance rather than focusing on just a single solution.

Our Six Elements

Achievable standards and feedback – not just numerical goals, but the expected activities and behaviors to accomplish them
Available tools and resources – such as the technologies, communications devices, and reference documentation that make success easier
Motivating incentives and consequences – leadership’s systems that give people reasons to perform the job well in their own best interests
Applicable knowledge and skills – the ability to confidently do what’s expected when it’s most valuable and appropriate to do it
Existing capability and aptitude – accurate identification and leadership’s application of your organization’s desired characteristics to perform the role
Ingrained values and principles – employees’ cultural fit that makes the environment agreeable and motivating for attaining their goals

Our Approach

How do we do what we do so well?

  • Learn your distinct needs through insightful questions and active listening.

  • Gather the facts about your organization to understand the challenges.

  • Analyze the gap between actual and desired performance.

  • Deliver in-depth recommendations addressing your specific needs.

  • Design solutions customized to your particular situation.

  • Install change that delivers value in the results you expect.

  • Evaluate success based on the key performance indicators important to you.

  • Transfer our methods to your leaders for continuous improvement.

  • Our focus is on employee performance for on-site and remote personnel. We assess strategy, productivity, technology, and processes according to their impact on that performance.


  • When measurements are in place, such as sales results, you will receive quantified evidence of changes in business performance. Otherwise, we will recommend metrics that give you additional data to help you make more fully informed decisions.


  • Performance solutions are designed through engagement with your leadership and subject matter experts, thereby providing a solution tailored to your environment and shortening the target audience’s learning curve.


  • Credit Employee Performance Solutions takes a comprehensive approach to human performance, so you have a variety of recommendations prioritized for the most productive and affordable results.

CEPS offers negotiable pricing based on the anticipated value of our contributions.

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